Reading and Literacy Clinic

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Address: 37 Greenwoods Road, New Hartford, CT
Phone: (860) 909-1081

About Reading and Literacy Clinic

LET’S TEACH EVERY CHILD TO READ! Learn more about the Reading and Literacy Clinic, located in the Hurley Business Park in New Hartford, CT.

The good news is, decades of reading research, called the Science of Reading, show that everyone can learn to read and spell if teachers provide direct systematic reading instruction and early intervention when needed. Despite this good news, reading scores for U.S. fourth grade students remain very low. Many with average intelligence struggle to learn to read and spell. Research shows it is never too late to identify reading problems and provide high quality reading instruction and support. 

Reading and Literacy Clinic is a clinical private practice directed by Susan C. Lowell, M.A. in New Hartford, CT that provides educational testing, consultation, and advocacy, specializing in assessment of Specific Learning Disabilities, reading disorders, and dyslexia. Testing for dyslexia is completed as part of the educational evaluation. Lowell is a Fulbright Senior Specialist, U.S. Dept. of State Advisor to the Office of Overseas Schools, “Ask the Expert” columnist for the National Center on Improving Literacy, former Vice President of the International Dyslexia Association, published author, and a retired professor with over forty years of clinical experience. 

Reading and Literacy Clinic also provides professional development in the Science of Reading for school systems and consultation to help with literacy concerns. Call today at (860) 909-1081 if you have any questions or need help with reading. 

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