Ken Masslon’s Art Studio & Gallery

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Address: 37 Greenwoods Rd, Suite 14A

About Ken Masslon’s Art Studio & Gallery

Ken Masslon is an artist whose journey into the world of art began with Monhegan Island providing inspiration and a space for creative expression. Ken returns regularly to the island to paint and learn. He has honed his artistic skills through a combination of workshops and immersive self-study, using a vast array of art books where he absorbed insights and techniques that fueled his artistic evolution. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in the diverse range of techniques and styles that make up his distinct voice. Ken’s art provides a window into the world as he sees it, full of wonder and beauty.

Step into the immersive world of Ken Masslon’s Art Studio & Gallery, a haven for landscape and plein air painting enthusiasts. Located in the heart of New Hartford, this gallery celebrates nature’s beauty, expertly captured on canvas through Ken’s masterful brushstrokes. The walls adorned with his artwork transport visitors to serene meadows, majestic mountains, and tranquil coastlines. Drawing inspiration from his outdoor experiences—be it hiking, skiing, or sailing—each painting is a testament to Ken’s profound connection with nature.

Specializing in capturing the ephemeral moments of changing light and atmosphere using the plein air technique, Ken invites art enthusiasts and collectors alike to delve into the timeless beauty of landscapes through his unique perspective. Whether you seek a connection with the natural world or a timeless piece for your collection, Ken Masslon’s Art Studio & Gallery invites you to experience the allure of landscapes through the eyes of this passionate artist.

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